Have a young person you would like to recommend for a future issue?

At the very least, we need the following information with each submission:

  • name and age (or approximate age and grade in school)
  • hometown (and school where applicable)
  • a brief description of the accomplishment along with links to any websites that can provide
  • additional details, proof, etc. (for instance with track, the timed results and measured dis
    tances are published on a website).
  • contact phone number or email address for follow up (kid's parents)
  • feel free to provide photos, but don't feel like you have to - we can get photos when necessary!

Email: put "corridorkids" in front of an @ sign followed by "gmail.com"

Mail: KIDS ON THE CORRIDOR C/O Jeree Milligan 308 West 8th Chandler, OK 74834