We know we have some fantastic young people living on The Corridor! Whether it's dance, track and field, gymnastics, livestock shows, public speaking, rodeos, or any number of other things - Oklahoma kids are working their way to the top, and making their marks on the world!

The Corridor is very excited to announce that we are starting a monthly article featuring these out- standing KIDS ON THE CORRIDOR and we would love your help in identifying those young people in your schools and communities who are doing great things and should be recognized for them!

We are not just looking for your average "students of the month" or kids making good grades or scoring a winning touchdown - we are looking for truly outstanding accomplishments we can feature in this monthly article with photos and details. A few examples and suggestions are below:

  • national level accomplishments
  • state champion level accomplishments
  • community service on a large scale (for instance we have heard about a young teen who has created her own non-profit outreach program).
  • unusual accomplishments (think Guinness Book of World Records type)

These are just suggestions, so if you feel strongly about recommending someone who doesn't fit into one of those descriptions above, please do! We will pick one or two stories (sometimes more) each month from those we receive and save the rest for possible future use. Feel free to send pictures with your story/recommendation, but keep in mind if you send printed photos, we will not return them.

Spread the word - anyone can make a recommendation - we will be happy to receive stories from anyone! At the very least, we need the following information with each submission:

  • name and age (or approximate age and grade in school)
  • hometown (and school where applicable)
  • a brief description of the accomplishment along with links to any websites that can provide
  • additional details, proof, etc. (for instance with track, the timed results and measured dis
    tances are published on a website).
  • contact phone number or email address for follow up (kid's parents)
  • feel free to provide photos, but don't feel like you have to - we can get photos when necessary!

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the stories with everyone on THE CORRIDOR!

click on "ARCHIVES" to read the stories - we will add each month's as it hits the streets. Click on "CONTACT" if you have a story to share with us!